Patriarchal cultures throughout the world share commonalities, but they also have distinctions.

One distinction that makes Black Patriarchy different from patriarchy in other cultures is that it is a system where men seek to rule, but refuse to build.

For example, if we look at Black neighborhoods throughout the United States, we notice a pattern that either White men and/or non-Black immigrant men do most of the building and control most, if not all, of the resources (water, electricity, fuel, food, shelter, clothing, medicine, transportation, education, law and order, and communication systems).

What I find so funny about all of this is that Black men do the most talking about “building,” but do the least amount of building in Black neighborhoods. Of course, none of this is the Black man’s fault, “because White supremacy.”

Black patriarchalist men want Black women to submit to them and obey them in a patriarchy where non-Black men are the primary builders and own/control the resources and services that Black women need and rely on.

In other cultures, patriarchy is not just about ruling over women, children, and other men just because you are a male. It’s more so about men dominating the ownership and control of resources in order to gain and hold power, and then wield that power (often unjustly) over women, children, and other men.

Patriarchy throughout the Black diaspora is distinct in that it is not primarily concerned with men dominating the ownership and control of resources, but with men ruling over women and girls just because they are males, even though they have little to no power and men from other nations dominate the ownership and control of resources in their communities.

Whereas non-Black patriarchalists are concerned with taking over entire communities, nations, and civilizations, and controlling natural resources that we depend on for our survival, Black patriarchalists are concerned with women making them sandwiches, fixing their plate first, cleaning up behind them, sexual access to women, and controlling women’s fashion, beauty, and hairstyles. All patriarchalists want to rule over women, but Black patriarchalists are distinct in that their conversation and agenda goes no further than their desire to rule over women and control what we do.

Black patriarchalists despise the fact that non-Black immigrant men dominate the ownership and control of resources in their own communities and nations, but they have no plan or will power to stop it. Instead of admitting their failure to build and compete with other men who provide resources for Black people, Black patriarchialists project their anger and resentment onto Black women and claim that the Black community is a “matriarchy.”

A matriarchy isn’t a community where non-Black men are the primary builders and dominate ownership and control of resources. That’s still a patriarchy. It’s just a patriarchy where Black men rule over women and children, and non-Black men rule over Black people because they dominate ownership and control of resources. There is a hierarchy in patriarchy, and there are levels to this. Just because a group of men refuse to build and compete, and let other men come in and build everything for them, Black women, and children, that does not make their community a matriarchy.

“But what about Black Wall Street?” What about it? Black Wall Street is gone. We are living in 2019. What are Black men building today?

“But Black men built the pyramids.” That is up for debate. But even if Black men did build the pyramids, how does that help empower Black people in 2019? It might boost the self-esteem of Black people to think that our ancestors built the pyramids, but it does nothing to uplift the mental, emotional, physical, economic, and spiritual condition of Black people. Believing that Black people built the pyramids does nothing to help Black academic outcomes, Black incarceration rates, Black marriage and divorce rates, Black illegitimacy rates, intra-racial Black violence rates, or the socioeconomic status of Black people.

Every time that I hear Black men bring up the pyramids or Black Wall Street as evidence that Black men build, I roll my eyes through the clouds, because if they have to reach back to ancient times, then that’s clearly proof that they aren’t building anything today.

If you listen to the conversation of Black patriarchalists, you will notice that most of their rhetoric is about ruling over women and getting women to submit to them and pamper them like Disney princesses. It is a “I feed my man grapes” patriarchy where broke conquered men are more concerned with women bowing down to them and waiting on them hand and foot like maids.

Black women who are caught up in the Black Patriarchy Movement need to wake up and head for the nearest exit immediately. The last thing that they need is to submit to men who are just as dependent on non-Black men are they are, but claim to be gods and kings and call Black women “queens” while treating them like peasants. Kings build wealth and legacies for their queens, but I don’t see Black patriarchalists building anything for Black women and children.

In other patriarchies, men build so that they can rule. But in Black patriarchy, men want to rule but refuse to build. Since Black patriarchalists refuse to build, Black women should refuse to submit.

See how that works?