The purpose of this website is to track the Black Patriarchy Movement and raise awareness of its beliefs, aims, agendas, propaganda, thought leaders (both male and female), and influence or impact.

What is the Black Patriarchy Movement?

First, let’s start with a basic definition of patriarchy.

Patriarchy is loosely defined as “a form of social organization in which fathers or other males control the family, clan, tribe, or larger social unit, or a society organized in this way.” (Cambridge Dictionary).

Patriarchy is also defined as “the control by men, rather than women or both men and women, of most of the power and authority in a society.” (Cambridge Dictionary)

Over the past few decades, there has been growing movement of Black men and Black women in the West, seeking to establish a Black Patriarchy. I refer to this movement as the Black Patriarchy Movement.

The Black Patriarchy Movement is not an organized movement, but rather, it is a diverse population of Black men and Black women throughout the West (including those who are from the West but live abroad) who promote the belief that men have a right to rule over and control women, leadership both within and outside of the home should be exclusively male, and women should be subordinate to men and serve men.

As I mentioned earlier, the Black Patriarchy Movement is diverse. It is composed of Christians, Hebrew Israelites, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Satanists, New Agers, occultists, members of the Nation of Islam, members of the Moorish Science Temple, Five Percenters, Nuwaubians, followers of the Kemetic religion and other Afrocentric religions, and black secular humanists (atheists and agnostics). Individuals within the Black Patriarchy Movement differ and disagree in many areas, such as religion, politics, economics, and racial issues. They also differ and disagree on the finer details of gender roles and relationships, but what binds them all together as a “movement” is their common belief in Black patriarchy, female subjugation, and Black patriarchy being a tool to uplift, empower, and improve the collective condition of black people throughout the diaspora.

Although the Black Patriarchy Movement isn’t an organized movement with clearly defined tenets, it does have its high priests, its gurus, its divas who teach male supremacist sexist dogma. It isn’t a religious or political group, but it is a crusade (of sorts) with marching orders from thought leaders, to go forth and conquer….Black women, in the name of Black unity, Black power, Black love, and recovering Black masculinity, femininity, and the Black traditional or nuclear family.

Exposing the Black Patriarchy Movement is a much neglected task throughout the Black diaspora and wider society. It is a territory that few have dared to explore and confront, due to indifference and apathy towards Black women and children, lack of awareness, fear of persecution and social ostracization, and frankly the very real risks and dangers of being a watchman and a whistle-blower. However, someone’s gotta do it., and I guess it will be me since I have been monitoring the Black Patriarchy Movement for years and know enough about it to speak intelligently on the subject.

Black women are just as important as Jewish people, LGBT individuals, Muslims, immigrants, and Black men. Their lives are just as valuable as protected groups who have entire organizations, news platforms, and movements that advocate on their behalf, defend them, and call out dangerous rhetoric and hate speech from those who seek to oppress them and do them harm.

The silence towards the Black Patriarchy Movement has allowed it to grow and metastasize throughout the Black diaspora while Black women and children are abused, attacked, and oppressed. No one would sit by idly while a neo-Nazi spewed anti-Semitic Hitlerian rhetoric towards a Jewish person, and nor will I sit by idly while Black men and women spew racist misogynistic rhetoric towards Black women and girls, and promote male supremacy and Black male domination of women.

Black women are not superhuman, nor are we workhorses or slaves to serve the desires of men. We are real human beings. We hurt. We cry. We bleed. We have our own dreams, desires, and hopes that we would like to see fulfilled. Yet many of us are being hindered, held down, and held back by individuals who push Black patriarchy and have taught us that our feminine role is to suffer, struggle, be submissive, and serve men “for the sake of the Black race.”

Black Patriarchy is one of the most destructive and deadly ideologies throughout the Black diaspora today. I believe that it is a bigger threat to Black women than the ideology of White Supremacy. Civil Rights leaders, the media, and prominent “woke” figures on the internet have diverted the focus of black women away from Black patriarchy and influenced them to direct most of their focus onto White Supremacy and racism (both real and imagined) from white and non-black people.

Some Black women will say that they can chew gum and walk at the same time, meaning that they can multitask and fight both White Supremacy and Black patriarchy at the same time, but the truth is that the average Black woman is not multitasking and paying much, if any, attention to Black patriarchy, or even understands how or why Black patriarchy is dangerous and damaging to women and children.

Hopefully the content on this website will show Black women, and all visitors, exactly why Black patriarchy is dangerous and why it is necessary for the Black Patriarchy Movement to be exposed, just like any other movement that seeks to dehumanize, subjugate, and dominate certain members of society.

The mainstream media and most of the Black media are ignoring the Black Patriarchy Movement, if they are aware of its existence in the first place. It doesn’t help that many people in the Black media are a part of the Black Patriarchy Movement and think that the idea of Black men ruling over and controlling women is empowering, righteous, pro-Black, and authentically African.

Black women are at a point where we have to provide our own independent underground media to highlight disturbing trends and movements that seek to do us harm, and that is exactly what I seek to do here. Subscribe to this blog if you are interested in learning about the Black Patriarchy Movement and receiving free updates on news stories and developments related to the Black Patriarchy Movement.

Feel free to discuss the content on this blog offline IRL, on social media, and in forums. I felt the need to disable comments on this blog due to Black men and women who are a part of the Black Patriarchy Movement. I am not interested in reading profanity, racist and sexist slurs, or hostile, aggressive, hateful, condescending, threatening, and violent comments from individuals who claim that they love Black people, but use abusive language towards other Black people.